This is the public blog of EDUC 5P52 – Contemporary Issues in Higher Education, a Masters of Education course offered through Brock University, Ontario, Canada.

We invite you to view our blog page and comment!

The Brock calendar describes this course as an “exploration of expectations, roles, and stakeholder functions in relation to changing educational and professional environments in higher education. Topics include information and communication technology, distance learning, public accountability, and performance indicators.” Considering roles and stakeholders means we will also be exploring teaching and learning in higher education, along with policy and leadership issues as they pertain to this context. Students will be asked to critically consider the current context in higher education in Ontario and Canada:
1.How did we get here?
2.What are the opportunities and challenges?
3.Who benefits and who loses?
4.What direction(s) should we go next?
5.Why should we care?

One way in which we are exploring these topics is through this public blog. We are delighted you have landed on our page, and warmly invite you to read and comment on any of our blog posts. We will be developing these topics into final papers and are therefore very interested in any feedback you provide.


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